Lords planting shall ^all certainly be rooted up and cast

forth, math.15.13.  (a) 1 Cor.12.28.  (b) Eph.4.11.  (c) Act.20.28


  The Lord hath appointed Auncient widdowes

where they may be had, to minister in ye church,

in giving attendance to the sicke, & to give succou[r]

to them and others, in the same & like necessityes

(a) 1 Tim.5.9,10.

     ¶ Chap. 8. of Election of church-officers.


  No man may take the honour of a church officer unto

himself, save he that is called of god as was Aaron



  Calling unto office is either immediate by cht him

selfe, such as was the call of the Apostles & prophets.

This maner of call ended wth them as hath bene

sayed: or mediate, by ye church.


  It is meet, before any be ordayned or chosen

officers, that they should first be tried & prooved,

because hands are not suddenly to be laid on any

and both Elders & deacons must be of honest &

good report(b.)  (a) 1 Tim.5.22.(b)   Act. 1 Tim.3.7,10. [?]

Act.16.2  & 6.3.


  The things in respect of wch they are to tryed

are those gifts and vertues wch the Scripture requi

reth in men that are to be elected into such

places, viz. that Elders must be blamelesse, sob[er]

apt to teach, & indued wth such other qualifications

as are layed downe 1 Tim.3.2  &c: Tit.1.6, to 9. And

deacons to be fitted as is directed Act.6.3. 1 Tim.3.8 to [cut off]