Instituted wor[shi]p, according to ye 2d commandment

and to continue one & ye same until ye appea

ring of or Lord Jesus Cht (f) as a kingdome that

can not be shaken (g) until he shall deliver

it up unto God even the father (h). So that [it]

is not left in the power of man, officers

churches or any state in ye world to adde [or]

diminish or alter any thing in the least

measure therein (i). (e) Exod. 20 4-5. (f) 1 Tim[othy]

13 to 16. (g) Heb. 12 27, 28. (h) 1 Cor. 15.24 (i) [?]



  The necessary Circumstances as tyme & place

belonging to order & decency, are not soe [left]

unto men as that under pretence of them [who?]

may thrust [crossed out] their owne Inventions upon

ye churches (K), being Circumscribed in ye word

wth many general Limitations, where they

are determined, in respect of the matter

being neither wor[shi]p it selfe nor Circumstances

separable from wor[shi]p (l): in respect of the

end, they must be done to Edification: (*) in re

spect of ye maner, decently & in order (m)

according to ye nature of ye things ymselves

& civill custome (o). Yea they are in some [sort]

determined pticularly, namely that they be done

in such ^a [crossed out] maner as all Circumstances consi

dered is most agreeable Expedient for edi

fication ^(p) so as if there be no errour of man

concerning their determination, ye determining

them is to be accounted as if it were divine (q).