by hand writing & seale(c), and also sometymes by

silent consent, wthout any writing or expression

of words at all^(a), that at least that we heard of.

(a) Exod.19.8  & 24.3,7.  Josh.24.18,21,22,24. (b) psal.50.5 (c) Neh.

9.38 & 10.1.  (d) Gen.17.    deut. 29.


  This forme then being by mutuall Convenant, it follow=

eth, that it is not faith in the heart, nor the profession[n]

of that faith, nor cohabitation, nor Baptisme. Not

faith in the heart, because that is invisible; Not

a bare pfesison, because that declareth men no

more to be members of one church, then of another:

Not cohabitation; Atheists or Infidills may dwell

togeather wth beleevers. Not Baptisme, because

that prsupposeth a church state, as Circumcision in the

old Testament, wch gave no being unto ye church,

the church being afore it, & in ye wildernesse

wthout it. Seales prsuppose a covenant already in being.

One pson is a complete Subject of Baptisme, but

one pson is uncapable of being a church.


  All beleevers ought as god giveth them opportunity

thereunto, to endeavour to joyne themselves unto a pticular

church(a); and that in respect of the honor of Jesus

Christ, in his example(b), and Institution(c), by the pfessed

acknowledgement of & subjection unto ye order &

ordinances of ye gospel. As also in respect of their

good of communion(*), founded upon their visible union, &

contained in the pmises of chts speciall presence in

ye church(d). whence they have fellowshipp wth him,

and in him one wth another(e). Also for ye keeping

of them in the way of Gods commandments, & recovering

of them in case of wandring, wch all chts sheepe

are subject t to in this life, being unable to returne

of themselves(f). Togeather wth the benefit of their