might obtrude their members upon other churches, wthout due

Tryall the matter so requiring, both the Liberty of churches

would hereby be infringed, in that they might not examine

those concerning whose fitnesse for communion they were

unsatisfied, and besides the infringing of their liberty, the

churches themselves would unavoideably be corrupted, and

the ordinances defiled, whilest they might not refuse but

must receive the unworthy; wch is contrary to the Scripture

wch teacheth that all churches are Sisters(b) & therefore

equall.  (a) 1 Tim.5.24.  (b) Cant.8.8.


  The like Tryall is to be required from such members of

ye church as were borne in the same, or recd their member=

shipp and were baptized in their Infancy or minority, by

virtue of the Covenant of their parents, when being grown

up to yeares of discrecion they shall desyre to be made

ptakers of the Lords Supper

          because the holy things must not be given

to the unworthy 1 Cor.11.28,29, therefore it is requisite that

these as well as others should come to their trial & exami=

nacion, & manifest their faith and Repentance by an open

profession thereof, before they are admitted recd to the Lords

Supper, and otherwise not to be admitted thereunto. Yet

those members that were so borne, or recd in their childhood,

before they are capable of being made ptakers of full communion,

have many priviledges wch others not church members, have

not. They are in covenant wth god, have the seale thereof

upon them, to witt, their Baptisme, and so if not regenerated

yet are in a more hopefull way of attaining regenerating

grace, & all the spirituall blessings both of the covenant &

seale. They are also under church=watch, & consequently subject

to the Reprehensions, Admonicions & Censures thereof, for

their healing & amendmt, as need shall require

¶      Chapt. 13. of church members their remoovall

     from one church into another, & of Letters

     of Recommendacion & dismission.


  church members may not remoove & depart from ye