5                         17

  Officers are to be called by such churches whereunto

they are to minister: of such moment is the pre=

servation of this power, that the churches exercised it

in the presence of the Apostles: Act.1.23. & 14.23. and



  A church being free(a) can not become subject

to any but by their free Election. Yet when such a

people do chuse any to be over them in the Lord,

then do they become subject, & must willingly submit

themselves(b) to their ministery in the Lord, whom

they have so chosen. (a) Gal.5.13.  (b) Heb.13.17.


  And if the church have power to choose their officers

^& ministers, then in case of manifest unworthinesse & delinquency

they have power also to depose them. For, to open

& shut; to choose and refuse, to constitute in office

& to ^remove [struck through] from office are acts belonging unto

the same power.


  We judge it much conducing to the welbeing &

communion of churches, that where it may conveniently

be done, neighbour churches be advised wthall(a), and

their help made use of in the trial of church officers,

in order to their choise.  (a) Cant.8.8,9.


  The choice of such church officers belongs not

to the Civill magistrate, or magistrates, as such; or

to diocesan bps or Patrons; For of these or any such

like, the Scripture is usually silent, as having any

power therein.

¶      Chap. 9. of ordination & Imposition

          of hands


  Church officers are not only to be chosen by ye church