by Elders and other able Brethren of ye church,

whom they do the more respectfully hearken

unto, when they see no hope of enjoying

church fellowshipp, or dispensation of the sacramts

to them or their children, till they approove their

Judgemts to be orthodoxe, and their lives

subdued to some hope of a godly conversation.

what can classicall discipline, or Excommunication

it selfe do more in this case?

   The third exception wrappeth up in it a 3 fold

Inconvenience, and each of them meet to be

“ eschewed: 1st disunion in families betweene

“ each relatin: 2ly disappointment of Edification

“ for want of opportunity in ye govnors of

“ familyes to take account of the things heard

“ or their children & servants. 3ly disbursemt of

“ chargeable maintenance to ye general churches,

“ whereto ye severall psons of their familyes are


  All wch Inconveniences, either they do not fall

out in congregationall churches, or are easily

redressed. For none are orderly admitted into

congregationall churches, but such as are well

approved by good Testimony to be duly

observant of familye=relations. Nor are they

admitted, unless they can give some good

account of their pfitting by ordinances, before

ye Elders & brethren of ye church, & much more

to their parents and mrs [masters]. ‘

Nor is any chardge

expected from wives, children, or servants to ye