of trueth and peace therein.


  Synods being spirituall & Ecclesiasticall Assemblies, are

therefore made up of spirituall and ecclesiasticall causes

The next efficient cause of them under cht, is the power

of the churches, sending forth their elders & other messengers,

who being mett togeather in the name of cht, are the

matter of the Synod: and they in arguing, debating &

determining matters of Religion according to the word,

& publishing the same to the churches whom it concerneth,

do put forth the proper and formall acts of a Synod,

to the conviction of Errors & Haresyes, & the establismt

of Trueth & peace in the churches, wch is the end of

a Synod.


  Magistrates have power to call a Synod, by calling

to the churches to send forth their Elders & other

messengers, to counsell & assist them in matters of

Religion. But yet the constituting of a Synod is a

church act, & may be transacted by ye churches, even

when Civill magistrates may be enemyes unto churches,

and to church=assemblies: Act.15.


  It belongeth to Synods & councells to debate and to

determine controversies(a) of faith, & cases of conscience;

to cleare from ye word holy directions for the publike

worp of God, and good governmt of the church, to beare

witnesse agt male-administracion(b) & corrupcion in doctrine

or maners in any pticular church, and to give direction(c)

for the reformacion thereof; but not to exercise church=

Censures in way of discipline, nor any other act of

church=authority or Jurisdicion, wch that precedentiall

Synod Act.15. did forebeare (a) Act.15.2,6. (b) vers. 24

(c) vers.28,29.


  The synods directions and determinacions so farre as