office, who only are to act & exercise this power.

(a) Rom.12.4 to 8. (b) Act.1.23. & 6.3,4. &14.23. [struck through]

(c) 1 Cor.12.29,30.

     ¶ Chapt. 6. of the officers of ye church and

     especially of Pastors & Teachers.


  A church being a company of people combined

togeather by covenant for the worship of god, it

appreareth thereby that there may be a church

the essence & being of a church wthout any

officers, seeing there is both the forme and

matter of a church. wch also is implied by when

it is sayed the Apostles ordayned Elders

in every church Act 14.23.


  Neverthelesse though officers be not abso=

lutely necessary to the simple being of churches,

when they be called, yet ordinaryly to their

calling(a) and to their wellbeing they are. And

therefore ye Lord Jesus out of his tender compassion hath

appointed and ordayned officers(*), wch he would not

have done if they had not bene usefull & needful

for ye church. Yea being ascended into heaven he

recd gifts for men(b), & gave gifts to men(c), whereof

officers for ye church are justly accounted no small

parts(d), they beinge to continue to the end of the

world & for the pfecting of all the saints(e).  (a) Rom.

10.14,15,17. (*) Eph.4.11.  1 Cor.12.28.  (b) psal.68.18.  (c) Eph.4.8.

(d) Eph.4.11.  (e) Eph.4.13.


  These officers were either extraordinary or ordinary.

Extraordinary as (a) Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, ordinary

as Elders & deacons.   The Apostles, Prophets and