¶ Chapt. 1. Of the Forme of church govmt

in general, & that it is one, Immutable,

& prscribed in the word of god.


Ecclesiasticall politie, church govmt, or discipline

is nothing els but that Forme ^(a) & order that

is to be observed in the church of cht upon

earth, both for the constitution of it, & all

the Administrations that therein are to

be pfourmed. (a) Ezek. 43.11 Col. 2.5 1 Tim. 3.15.


   church govmt is considered in a double respect,

either in respect of the parts of govmt them

selves, or necessary Circumstances thereof. The pts

of govmt are prscribed in the word, because

the Lord Jesus Cht, ye King & Lawgiver of

his church is no lesse faithfull in the house

of God then was Moses, ^(b) who from ye Lord

delivered a Forme & patterne of govnmt to

ye children of Israel in ye old Testamt. ^(c) And

the holy Scriptures are now also so pfect, as

yt  they are able to make the man of God

pfect & thoroughly furnished to every good

worke, ^(d) & therefore doubtlesse to the well=

ordering of the house of god. (b) Heb. 3. 5, 6.

(c) Exod. 25. 40. (d) 2 Tim. 3. 16, 17.


The parts of church govnmt are all of them

exactly described, being pts or meanes of