attayned the knowledge (a) of the principles of Religion,

and are free from grosse & open scandals (b), but

also do togeather wth the profession of their faith (c) and

repentance (d), walke in blamelesse obedience to the

word, so as that in charitable discretion they may

be accounted saints by calling, though phaps some

or more of them be unsound & hypocrites in=

wardly; because the members of some pticular

churches are commonly by the Holy gh. called saints,

& faithfull brethren in Cht (e). And sundry churches

have bene reprooved for receiving & suffering

such psons to continue on fellowship amongst

them as have bene offensive & scandalous: (f) the

name of god by this meanes is blasphemed (g), and

the holy things of God defiled & prophaned (h), the

hearts of ye godly grieved (i) and the wicked

themselves hardened & holpen forward to dam=

nation (k); and the example of such doth endanger

the sanctity of others, alittle leaven leavening the

whole lump.(l)     2 the children of such, they

also are holy (m).      (a) 1 Cor. 11. 29. (b) psal. 50. 16, 17.

(c) Act. 8. 37. (d) Math. 3. 6. (e) 1 Cor. 1. 2. Eph. 1.1. phil. 1.1.

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5.6 (m) 1 Cor. 7. 14.


The members of churches though orderly constituted

may in tyme degenerate, & grow corrupt and

scandalous (a). wch though they ought not to be tole=

rated in the church, yet their [crossed out] continuance

therein through the defect of the execution of

discipline & just censures doth not immediatly

dissolve the being of a church, as appears in

the church of Israel (b) & ye churches of Galatia (c)