“ to another more pure, yet without condemning of

“ the church he leaveth, he is not therefore to bee

“ held as a Schismaticke, or as guilty of any other


Nor wil such a practice dispoyle the best Ministers

of the best hearers in the Parishes. Communication

of some ^of the best gifted Members is not allwayes

there detriment, but may be there enlargement.

It is the most noble and perfect worke of a

livinge creature, both in nature and grace to

propagate, and multiply his kind. The church

of Christ in Scripture is compared sometimes to

a garden, sometimes to an Orchard Cant: 4:12

13. No man planteth a Garden or orchard,

but seeketh to get the choisest herbs and fruits

of his neighbors, and they freely impart them;

nor do they account it a spoile to there owne gar

dens or orchards, but rather there glory.

Neverthelesse we go not so far: we aske not ye

choise members of the Parishes, but accept them beinge offered.

Neither neede it to be feared that all the best

hearers of the best ministers will transplant them

selfes upon point of church Government.

There be doubtlesse sundry godly, and judicious hea=

rers in many Parishes in England, that do and

wil prefer the Presbyteriall Government, above

the Congregationall. And if some of them should

be taken with ye congregationall way, yet (if they be

sincere) they will proove  [?] of to be gathred (as

opportunity forbeare) of those godly ministers, by whom

they have bene either contested or edifyed.