If they should lesse attend upon then formerly, yet in

case the congregationall way be of Cht, it will

not grieve godly ministers that their hearers

follow after cht, wh neglect of them; no more

then it troubled John Baptist, that many of

his best disciples forsooke him to follow Cht, Joh. 3.26

But in case ye congregationall way should be

proove to be, not ye Justificaton of Cht (as we take

it) but ye Invention of men, then doubtlesse the

presbyteriall forme (if it be of god) will

swallow up the other, as moses his rod devoured

ye rods of the Egyptians; Exod.

To ye 2d Exception wch was that we take no

“ course for ye gayning & calling in of Ignorant

“ and Scandalous & Erroneous psons, whom we refuse

“ to receive into or churches; we conceive the

receiving them into or churches would rather

loose and corrupt or churches, then gayne and

heale them: especially if ye greater part of the

parishes consist of offensive members; & it may be

their ministers many tymes not much better W[ee?]

therefore find it safer to square rough, and

unhewen stones before they be laid into ye building

rather then to hammer & hew them, when they lye

unevenly in the building: And accordingly two

meanes we use to gayne & call in such as are

Ignorant, & scandalous: first, the publike ministry

of ye word, upon wch they are required by

wholesome Lawes to attend; and it is that use [?]

ye power of God to ye calling & winning of

soules. Secondly private conference & conviction