to receive the offerings of ye church, gifts given to

ye church, & to keepe ye Treasury of ye church, &

therewth to serve the Tables(e) wch ye church is to

pvide for; as, ye Lords Table, the Table of the

ministers, and of such as are in necessity; to whom

they are to distribute(f) in simplicity.  (a) Act.6.2, &c.

1 Tim.3.8.  phil.1.1.  (b) 1 Cor. 12.28.  (c) 1 Tim.3.8,9. (d)

1 Tim.3.10.  (e) Act.6.2,3.  (f) Rom.12.8.


  Their office therefore being limited unto the

care of the temporall good things of ye church,

it extendeth not unto the attendance upon, and

administration of ye spirtt things thereof, as ye

dispensation of ye word, and sacraments or ye like.


  The ordinance of ye Apostle, and practice of

ye churches 1 Cor.16.1,2, commends ye Lords day, as

a fit tyme for ye Contribution to ye Saints.


  The Instituting of all these officers in ye church

is the worke of god himselfe(a), of ye Lord Jesus

Cht(b) and of ye Holy Gh:(c). and therefore such

officers as he hath not appointed are altogeathr

unlawfull, either to be placed in ye church, or to

be reteyned therein; and are to be looked at as

humane creatures, meere Inventions & appointmts

of man, to the great dishonor of Cht Jesus, ye Lord

of his house, & King of his church; whether Popes,

Patriarchs, Cardinalls, Archbps, Lord Bps, Arch-deacons

officials, Commisaryes & ye like. These & ye rest of

that Hierarchie & Retinue, not being plants of ye