We are not ignorant that (besides those aspersions

of Heresie and Schisme) other Exceptons are

also taken at or way of church Govdmt; but (as

we conceive) upon as little ground; as first

“ shal by admitting none into ye fellowshipp of

“ or churches but saints by calling, we robb many

“ parish churches of their best members, to make

“ up one of ye congregations, wch is not only to

“ gather churches out of churches, (a thing unheard

“ of in Scripture) but also to weaken ye hearts

“ and hands of ye best ministers in ye parishes, by

“ despoiling them of their best hearers. Secondly,

“ that we pvide no Course for joyning & calling

“ in of Ignorant & Scandalous & Erroneous psons

“ who we refuse to receive into or churches. Thirdly,

“ that in or way we sow seeds of division, &

“ hindrance of Edification, in every family, whilst

“ admitting into or churches only Voluntaryes,

“ the Husband will be of one church, ye wife of

“ another, ye parents or one church, ye children

“ of another; and so ye parents and mrs [masters] being of

“ different churches from their children & servants,

“ they can not take a just account of their pfitting

“ by what they heare: yea by this meanes, ye

“ Husbands, parents & mrs shall be chardgeable

“ to ye maintenance of many of ye churches and

“ church=officers besides their owne, wch will

“ prouve a chardge & burden unsupportable.

But for answer, as to ye first, for gathering

churches out of churches, we can not say that

it is a thing unheard of in Scripture. The