gancy of spirit in our selves, whom they see willing

ly condescend to learne of them: Neither is it comm

on with Uncharitable Censoriousnesse toward

them, both which are the proper and essentiall char

acters of Schisme, but in meeknesse of wisdome

as wee walke alonge with them, and follow them

as they follow Christ, so where we conceive a diff

rent apprehension of the mind of Christ, (as it fal

leth out in some few points concerning church

order) though wee vary indeede from there appre

hensions, yet it is not out of Criticall Arrogan

cy to censure them, whom wee judge to bee [?]

through Christ the glorious Lights of both nati

ons, but out of desire to follow the Apostles ex

ample, as wee believe so to speake. And if the

Example of such poor outcasts as or selves might

Prvaile, if not wh all (for that were too great a

blessing to hope for) yet wh some or other of or

Brethren in England, so far as they are come

to speake and mynd ye same thing wh such as

dissent from them, we hope in Cht it would not

only moderate ye harsh judging & condemning of

one another in such differences in judgemt as may

be found in ye choicest saints; but also prvent

(by ye mercy of Cht) ye perill of ye distraction

and destruction of all ye churches in both

Kingdomes. But otherwise if Brethen shall g o[n]

to bite and devoure one another, ye Aptle

feared (as we also wth sadnesse of heart, do,) it

will tend to ye consuming of them & us all

(Gal. 5. 15) wch God prevent.