forgiven by ye church. Secondly, to call the church togeathr (A)

when there is occasion, and seasonably to dismisse them

agayne. Thirdly to prpare matters in private (B) the[n]

in publike they may be carried an end wth lesse

trouble, and more speedy dispatch. Fourthly to

moderate the carriage of all matters in the

church assembled, as, to expound matters to the

church, to order ye season of speech(h) & silence, &

to pnounce sentence according to ye mynd of cht

wth ye consent of ye church. Fifthly, to be guides

& Leaders(i) to ye church in ^all matters whatsoever

ptayning to church=Administrations & Actions.

Sixthly to see that none in ye church live inordi=

nately(K) out of rank & place wthout a calling, or

Idly in their calling. Seaventhly, to prevent & heale

such offences in life & doctrine(l) as might corrupt

ye church. Eighthly to feed ye flock of god wth a

word of Admonition(m); Ninthly, as thay shall be

sent for, to visite & pray over(n) their sick brethren,

and 10thly, at other tymes(o) as opportunity shall serve

thereunto.      (a) 1 Tim.5.17.  (b) 2 Chron. 23.19.  Rev.21.12.

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(o) Act.20.20.


  The office of a deacon is instituted in ye church by

ye Lord Jesus(a), who sometimes are called Helps(b).

The Scripture telleth us how they should be qualified

grave, not double tongued, not given to much win[e],

not given to filthy lucre: They must first be prooved

& then use the office of a deacon(d) being found

blamelesse. The office & work of ye deacons is