unable to make their psonall relacion in publike, it is

sufficient, that the Elders having recd private Satisfaction

make relacion thereof in publike before the church, they

testifying their assents thereunto, this being the way that

herein tendeth most to Edificacion. But where psons are

of better abilityes, there it is most expedient that

they make their relacions & confessions psonally, wth their

owne mouth, as david professeth of himselfe Psal.66.16.


  A psonall & publike confession of and declaring of

Gods maner of working upon the soule, is both lawfull,

expedient, & usefull in sundry respects, & upon sundry

grounds. Those 3000 Act.2. before they were admitted

by the Apostles, did manifest(a) that they were pricked

in their hearts, at Peters sermon, togeathr wth their

earnest desyre to be delivered from their sinnes, wch

now wounded their consciences, & their ready receiving

of the word of promise, & Exhortacion. Wee are to be

ready to render a reason of the hope that is in us, to

every one that asketh(b); therefore we must be able

& ready upon any just occasion to declare & shew or

Repentance for sinne, Faith unfayned, & effectuall

calling, because these are the reason of a well=

grounded hope(c). The psalmist had not hidden Gods

righteousnesse from ye great Congregacion(d).  (a)Act.2.37,41.

(b) 1 Pet.3.15.  (c) Heb.11.1. Eph.1.18.  (d) psal.40.10.


  This pfession of faith & Repentance, as it must be

made by such at their Admission, as were never in

church society before, so nothing hindreth but the same may

be also pfourmed by such as have bene formerly members

of some other church, and the church to wch they were

joynd themselves as members may lawfully require the

same. Those 3000 wch made their confession Act.2. were

members of ye church of the Jewes before: So were

they that were baptized by John, math.3.5,6. Churches may

err in their Admissions; and psons regularly admitted

may fall into offence afterward(a). Othrwise, if churches