486 | To John Pownall

    Boston July 24 1766

    Dear Sr:

    I beg Leave to introduce to you Mr Paxton an Intimate friend of mine & formerly as intimate a one with your Brother. His Character & Office you must be well acquainted with, as I have frequently had occasion in my public letters to take Notice of him as a diligent able & faithful Officer. If there is any Enquiry concerning Custom House Business subsisting, no one is more able to give a true Account of that Office than he is, being the most experienced & I beleive the oldest Officer in America. His Knowledge of the Country & the present State of it may also be very serviceable. I shall be much obliged to you for your good Offices to him

    I am Sr: &c

    J Pownall Esqr.

    L, LbC      BP, 5: 143-144.