454 | To Henry Seymour Conway

    Boston Mar 17 1766


    In obedience to my general orders to give information of all Events relating to the breach of the laws of trade which shall occur to me, I inform your Honour of a seizure lately made in this province & an immediate rescue of the goods ensuing it; the particulars of which will appear in the inclosed proclamation. Tho’ It may seem an inconsiderable affair by the quantity of goods discovered, yet it is of no little importance in its consequences. I have learned from private intelligence that the Schooner which brought in these goods is a common trader to St Peters: that when She was outward bound 2 or 3 months ago loaded with provisions & cleared for the West Indies, She was seized upon an information that She had tobacco on board, & escaped by the tobacco ^being^ moved out of her in the absence of the officer after She was seized. After She was discharged She went immediately to St Peters & returned with a cargo, which She landed in the manner mentioned in the proclamation. Upon this occasion People do not wonder at the goods being rescued, but at an Officer’s being so hardy & foolish ^(as they say)^ as to seize them & think he would be able to retain them. Under the present Dominion of the people I have never expected that Any goods, tho’ ever so notoriously forfeited, would be seized, or secured, or prosecuted; an attempt of that kind being judged impracticable in evry step by some of the most diligent & discr[ete] Custom house Offices.1 But It is hoped that the difficulties which obstruct all penal Justice will soon be removed.

    I am, with great respect, Sr Your honour’s most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    The Right Honble H. S. Conway Esqr.

    ALS, RC      CO 5/755, ff 517-520.