I am delighted once again to thank everyone who has sustained The Bernard Papers and assisted in the publication of this volume. Firstly, my sincere thanks to the Colonial Society of Massachusetts for financing the project, and to John W. Tyler, editor of publications, for his guidance and encouragement. I am also deeply grateful to the other internal reviewers. Owen Dudley Edwards and Neil Longley York read the manuscript with great care and enthusiasm, and encouraged me to revisit British politics. The book is all the better for their generosity. My sincere thanks also to Stuart Salmon, Christopher Minty, and Robyn Leith Stewart for their excellent research assistance: they helped transcribe documents, check facts, and proof-read drafts with little fuss and much diligence; Catriona Nicolson ably assisted in preparing the appendices. Jeanne Abboud expertly designed and prepared this volume for publication. John Catanzariti, former editor of the Jefferson Papers, shaped editorial policy, while colleagues contributed in various ways, notably David Kaufman, Emma Macleod, Ben Marsh, Michael Penman, and James Smyth. Key support was provided by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council; a generous Research Fellowship provided relief from teaching commitments during 2011, enabling me to finish work on this volume and advance research on subsequent volumes. I am especially pleased to acknowledge the many librarians and archivists in the UK and the US who answered my enquiries, including Hugh Alexander, (The National Archives, UK), Linda Cameron (Univ. of Stirling), Patrick Couperus (Library and Archives of Canada), Elaine Grublin (Massachusetts Historical Society), Jennifer Fauxsmith (Massachusetts Archives), and John Overholt (Houghton Library).

    Permission to publish material from the following collections is herewith acknowledged: the private collections of Robert Spencer Bernard; the Massachusetts Archives Collection, courtesy of Massachusetts Archives; Sparks MS 4 by permission of Houghton Library, Harvard University.

    My last debts are the greatest: to my dear wife Catherine and my wonderful daughters, Catriona and Kristen.