449 | To John Pownall

    Boston Mar: 1 1766

    Dear Sr:

    I have just received yours of Dec: 131 & would not omitt ^fail^, by the earliest Opportunity, of returning to you my sincere Thanks for your Kind attention to me & my Interest. I hope that I have not expresst myself so, as to shew any Disposition to quit my Station without Orders, whilst I could with Probability of Safety to my person remain in it. But I did not apprehend that mine was so much of a military post, as to require my maintaining it ‘till I was knocked on the head. And I can assure you that it was the Opinion of most People I talked with that it would be impossible for me to stay here ‘till Releif came from England. I was well assured that it was the Intention of The Faction (I mean the Cabinet Council of it) to drive me & the Lieut: Governor out of the Province. But not succeeding in the General Court, their Hearts failed them in attempting it by other Means: tho’ they did not fail to pursue their Purpose in the Assembly to the End of the last Session, about a Week ago.2 Upon the whole I have waged such an unequal War, that I wonder at nothing more than my being here at this Time. I am willing to hope that Ways & Means will be found to reestablish the Kings Government in this Town: but I fear it will be found a Work of more difficulty than is apprehended; and if a Contest should arise in the Operations I hope some Care will be taken of the Kings Officers, who will be the first Objects of Resentment if any should arise.

    By a Ship which is to sail soon After this I shall send you the Acts passed last Session & the Votes, together with a general Account of the Proceedings3 in which will be observed some things very derogatory to Government rather without Doors than within. In short this Government is quite unhinged; how it will be restored again is not easy to say. From their Lordships Letters to me by the last packet, I understand that some extraordinary regulations will be considered.4 You may be assured that such will be found quite necessary. I shall send you some News papers but can remark particulars no otherwise than by a pen

    I am &c

    J Pownall Esqr

    L, LbC      BP, 5: 84-85.