461 | To John Pownall

    Boston, Mar 31, 1766.

    Dear Sir

    I kept this Cover open waiting for the Boston Gazette of this day: & it is flagitious beyond expectation; & furnishes sufficient proof of the Overthrow of this Government. I think it is of importance enough to lay before you their Lordships to show them that my Fears for the Recovery of Government here are not without foundation. I must particularly point out the following passages;

    1. An Address to the Sons of Liberty to recommend that if the Sons of Liberty Representatives don’t turn out of the Council all persons bearing Offices, & lower their Salaries, &c, &c, it is to be resented by the Sons of Liberty.1 Then follows. 2, a List of the Members of the House who are on the side of Government as proper objects of the resentment of the Sons of Liberty. 3, is a Letter from Col Barre to Mr Otis, which is left to your Consideration.2 4. Is an attempt to take away the Governors power of proroguing & dissolving the Assembly by Proclamation.3 I shall dissolve them by proclamation next Monday, & then if they meet, which, I dont think many besides the Members of this Town, will, it must be at their own Peril. There are some other things worth notice; particularly an advertisement for rejoicing (ie mobbing) on the News of repealing the Stamp Act.4

    I am glad that I have an Opportunity of adding this Paper; as it very much confirms my Apprehensions of farther Mischief & danger to the Government.

    I am, Sr. &c.

    J. Pownall Esqr.

    AL, LbC      BP, 5: 101-102.