484 | To Henry Seymour Conway

    Boston July 19. 1766


    In my letter of June 291 I informed your Honour that I would give you an exact detail of the proceedings of the House of Representatives upon the indemnification of the Sufferers by the riots at Boston, setting it in one View & in a true light. For this purpose I have caused all the proceedings of the Governor Council & House of Representatives to be printed together,2 & I have added Annotations of my own upon particular passages which will be more easily made use of than if they were dispensed in a long letter.3 Upon the result of the whole It seems to me that I am at the End of my Line; and that I cannot call the Assembly again for this purpose, nor move this Matter again to them, without hurting the Dignity of the King & Parliament; which I am unwilling to expose to a repetition of the same treatment which it has allready received. I must therefore4 desire that I may have special instructions how to conduct myself in the further prosecution of this affair, especially if it should be thought proper to call the Assembly again to move this business unto them. In the Mean time, if there should be any opening for me to expect that the House will act in a different Manner,5 upon their being allowed to resume this business, I shall not fail to avail myself of it[.]6 But I must not appear to court them, but rather leave them to court me to give them an opportunity to retrieve their credit upon this Occasion; which is the only probable Way to ensure Success.

    I have wrote to the Lords of Trade a long letter giving an Account of some of the principal proceedings in the late Session;7 particularly in regard to the turning out the Cheif Crown Officers from the Council, & the Exertion of my powers upon the Occasion. This may be worth your Honours perusal; as ^it shows^ how strongly the fundamental Errors in the Constitution of this Government operate in times of trouble; and how low it is like to be reduced unless it is Assisted by the Sovreign State.

    I am, with great respect, Sr Your most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra. Bernard

    The Right Honble H. S. Conway Esqr

    ALS, RC      CO 5/755, ff 589-592.