518 | To Sir Henry Moore

    Boston, Decr 18, 1766.


    I have the Pleasure to inform you that we have taken Joseph Anderson, otherwise Andrews, one of the murtherers of the Crew of the Sloop Polly. He had with him divers goods, particularly many perukes & Shirts, & a thin Silver Freemasons medal. There was also found upon him a receipt given to Joseph Anderson for rent of a House at New York. There is also a person now in this Town, who took him, & Johnson since executed at St Eustatia,1 out of a boat without oars at Eustatia, & saw him sell the boat as before related in Govr Windt’s letter to me.2

    But not withstanding all this Circumstantial Evidence, we cant bring him to Tryal here, unless we had William Harris who gave the Information of the Murther: & I know not where to send for him. I have therefore thought, that as the Intrest of the Sloop, the Relations of the deceased, the Knowledge of the Criminal, & of Course the principal circumstantial Evidence all lie at New York, It would be most proper for him to be tryed there. If you should think so, I will send him to New York immediately after receiving your Assent thereto. He had with Him 17 Johannes,3 which I am told will be subject to pay the Charges of his prosecution. There will be a charge in sending him to New York: on the other hand there will be the same or greater Charge in Witnesses coming from thence hither.

    I shall write immediately to the Govr of St. Eustatia, & to the Govr of St. Christophers,4 to desire that Wm. Harris may be sent as soon as can be, either to New York or Boston, to give Evidence against this man. And it would be very proper that Letters should be dispatched from New York to the same purpose. For tho’ He might be convicted at New York, where the Circumstantial Evidence against him will be in its full force without Harris; yet He could not be here. And indeed it would not be advisable to bring him to Tryal anywhere without William Harris, if he is to be had.

    I will endeavour to inclose with this, Copies of the Examinations, & an Inventory of the Goods: but shall not delay this Letter if they are not ready.

    I am, &c.

    Sr Hy Moore Bart.

    AL, LbC      BP, 5: 204-205.