554 | To Sir Henry Moore


    Boston, July 11. 1767.


    Capt Hallowell upon his return hither from N York informed me yt you expressed a desire that you & I shd have a Meeting at some midway place. I am by no means behind you, in wishg for the utmost improvemt of friendly Intercourses wch our neighbourhood & Situation will permit. Friendships contracted at the time of Life when our’s Commenced, when the Mind is more open to social pleasure & less narrowed by self Intrest, are more lasting yn these wch arise in the busy Scenes of Life. I have allways tho’t that friendship, & even common acquaintance, receives a value from its age. I therefore cannot but set an higher estimation upon your friendship, wch bears so early a date, & has now but few cotemporaries.

    If we are to meet ys Summer as we must both go out of our Governmts, It wd be best to do it under the Sanction of public business:1 & for yt purpose to appoint ye Some time & place, as the Commissaries. wch must be very justifiable, as it is really probable yt we may bring ym to come to agreemt, wch they otherwise wd not. For as we shall treat the Subject with yt openness & Sincerity wch the Plenepotentiaries will think incompatible with the Character of Politicians, we may probably, as disintrestred2 mediators, produce an Explanation, the want of wch may otherwise defeat the genl purpose.

    If you shd think with me in this, I must desire yt the motion may appear to originate with you: & you will for yt purpose write a letter to me, making that proposal as for his Majesty’s Service; & suggesting such reasons for it as you shall think proper for the Occasion. I shall communicate this Letter to the Council & ansr it in form. But if you do not approve of ys Scheme, you will signify it in a private letter: for I wd not have this my proposal transpire.3

    I am &c.

    Sr H Moore Bart

    AL, LbC      BP, 5: 235-237.