501 | From the Earl of Shelburne


    Whitehall 13th. Septr. 1766.


    I have had the Honor to lay before The King Your Letters of the 29th. of June, and 19th. of July last,1 together with the Inclosures therein contained; And I have received His Majesty’s Commands to communicate them to such of His Servants, as He thinks proper usually to consult upon His most important Affairs, as soon as the Season of the Year will conveniently admit of Their Meeting, for this, & other Purposes.__ In the mean Time, His Majesty is extremely sorry to observe any degree of ill-temper remaining in His Colony of Massachusets Bay, or that Points should be so improperly agitated, as to tend to the Revival of Disputes, which every Friend to America, must wish to be forgotten. They have seen the Parliament of Great Britain give due Attention to all well founded Complaints of the Provinces, notwithstanding they appeared to them, in some Parts, not so properly urged; And tho’ the Legislature will certainly on all just Occasions, exercise & enforce it’s Legislative Power over the Colonies yet, it cannot be doubted but it will exert it with a due Regard to the Nature of their Connection with the Mother Country.

    Upon this Occasion, it is proper to observe in general, that the Ease & Honor of His Majesty’s Government in America, will greatly depend on the Temper and Wisdom of those who are entrusted with the Administration there: And that they ought to be Persons disdaining narrow Views, private Combination, & partial Attachments. It is with great Pleasure Sir, that I have observed the Manner in which you have conducted yourself during the Disputes of the last year, which I cannot do, without highly approving your Attention and Watchfulness, on the one Hand, to support the Authority of Government, & on the other, the Tenderness & Affection which appeared in all your Letters, towards the People under your Government.2 — A Temperate Conduct founded on the true Basis of Publick Good, avoiding all unnecessary Reserve, where nothing arbitrary is thought of, & nothing unreasonable is required, must carry Conviction to the Hearts of the deluded, conciliate the Minds of all, & insure the Confidence, of His Majesty’s loyal & loving Subjects of America.

    Upon these Considerations I am persuaded, that the Assembly will, immediately upon their meeting, fall upon Measures to terminate all local Difficulties, which appear by your Accounts to have hitherto prevented that Compliance, which will be expected by Parliament, with the Recommendations you have been required to make, in Consequence of the Resolutions of Both Houses.__ It is impossible to conceive that they will suffer any private Considerations to interfere with their Desire of shewing a proper Sense of that Paternal Regard, which they have experienced from His Majesty, & of that Attention which Parliament has given to their Complaints, which can never be done with more Propriety, than by granting, with the utmost Chearfulness, a just Compensation to those who have suffered by the late Disorders.

    I am, with great Truth & Regard, Sir, your most obedient humble Servant


    Governor Bernard.

    dupLS, RC      BP, 11: 35-40.