446 | To James Murray

    Boston, Feby 25, 1766.


    On the 14 March 1765, I wrote to you on the Subject of the Acadians in this Province,1 who were desirous of settling in Canada. I have recd only one Letter from You,2 in which you mention that you had wrote to me a former Letter in Ansr. to mine concerning the Acadians. But that former Letter of yours never came to my Hands: So that I have been quite at a Loss, what was intended by you for these people. However, some of them having recd. your proclamation of the 5th of March,3 have applied to me, desiring that I would transport them to Canada.4 I laid their petition before the Assembly, who seemed very willing to be at the Expence of removing them. But a doubt arising whether you would receive them, if they were sent thither; & I not being able to Answer for more than the probability of your so doing, they postponed making any Order till your determination should be known, as will appear by a Copy of the Assembly’s Ansr to my Message, which is inclosed together with a Copy of my Message.5

    I have accordingly dispatched two of the Acadians deputed by the Rest, named Stephen Ibbart & Alexis Brou:6 they propose to go by Way of Kennebeck, hoping at Fort Halifax to procure two Indians to conduct them to the River Chaudiere. If they Return with an Assurance from you that you are ready to receive them, I make no doubt but that the Assembly at their Session next June, will provide for their Transportation. According to the Lists delivered to me, they will amount to about 700 Souls; a very Valuable acquisition to a Colony. For an account of these people, I must refer you to my Letter beforementioned.

    In the same Letter I enclosed according to your desire, a Copy of Lt Beaches rect. for £60 Stg in Octr 1761. I now enclose you another Copy of it with the Endorsements upon it: there remains due only £24 Stg, which I should be obliged to you, if you would order to be paid here, as it is continued on the Treasurers books a Charge upon me. I mentioned before that the Treasurer could not procure money here for a bill payable at Quebec; & did not choose to take upon himself the Expence or hazard of bringing it from Quebec, not doubting but that you might find Merchants there, who could easily order the payment to be made here; in expectation of which it has thus rested.

    I am, with great Truth & Regard, &c.

    His Exy. Govr. Murray7

    AL, LbC      BP, 4: 118-120.