525 | To Sir John Eardley Wilmot

    Boston N.E. Jan 5. 1767

    My Lord

    It was my misfortune when I first came to America to be flung into such an infinite Sea of Business, that I had not time to pay those regards to my friends whom I left in England which were due from me. By omissions of this kind I suffered an interruption of many of my most valuable acquaintance & deprived myself of some of the cheif comforts of an Exil, communicating with those whom he esteems & loves in his Native Country.

    I have endeavoured to retreive this by laying hold of evry Opportunity which would serve to remind those whose friendship I was honoured with in England that I am still living & mindful of them. Nothing is more favorable to this purpose than those Incidents which are subjects for congratulation: they open a Door for Address & make even impertinence Civility. In this confidence I beg leave to congratulate your Lordship upon your late promotion; and to assure you that no one rejoices more in this Event than I do. My friends & My Country have still such a place in my heart, that I exult when a Man whom I esteem obtains the honours he deserves, & the publick sees an high Seat filled with one who does honor to the Appointment.

    I am, with great truth & regard, My Lord, your Lordship’s most obedient and most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard.

    The right honorable Lord chief Justice Wilmot1

    ALS, RC      BL: Add 9828, f 107.