475 | To Michael Francklin

    Boston June 17, 1766


    I take this opportunity to condole you on the loss of Govr Wilmot, & at the same time should have been glad to have congratulated you on your having taken the reins of Goverment: I hope it will not be long before that occasion will offer.1

    I have just now received a letter from London which enables me to speak with more certainty of the intended augmentation of our Partnership & property in the Bay of St. Croix.2 The Persons to be added are John Tucker Esqr. Member of Parliament for Weymouth3 & Benjamin Francklin Esqr of Philadelphia: They are to procure Warrants for 20,000 acres each. I should be glad to have those laid out on the North side the River Schoodick or Passimaquoddy to the Mouth thereof including the Island called Deer Island & Passimaquoddy Island, if it well may be, or at least the former of them I apprehend contain about 8,000 acres each, which will leave 24,000 acres to be laid out on the Continent, which according to Mr Morris’s Account will run us into broken & rough land.

    I expect that these warrants will be made out as soon as the Parliamentary business will allow.4 Perhaps this caution is unnecessary after what you wrote me before. But as there has been an alteration in the Goverment which was not expected, I thought it not improper to add this intimation to my former.

    I am &c

    The Honble M[r] Franklin Esqr

    L, LbC      BP, 5: 184-185.