544 | To Philip Stephens

    Boston NE April 10 1767

    Sr :

    I desire you would inform the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty that the place of Judge of the Court of Vice Admiralty in this province having become vacant by the Death of Judge Russel & there being sev’ral Businesses depending in the said Court, which will not admit of Delay, I have appointed Robert Auchmuty Esqr: to be Judge of the said Court, untill their Lordships pleasure shall be known thereon. I have often had Occasion to report, as well to their Lordships of your Board, as to the Secretary of State & the Lords of Trade,1 the great Fidelity steadiness & Ability which this Gentleman has exerted in the Service of the Crown as Advocate general, at Times & upon Occasions when such Service was dangerous & difficult. I have therefore consider’d him so much intitled to Favour in this Court as to make it indispensible with ^in^ me to make this present Appointment & to recommend it to their Lordships that they will be pleased to confirm it by their Authority.

    I have at the same Time appointed Jonathan Sewall Esqr. to be Advocate to genl: in the Room of Mr Auchmuty. He is a Gentleman of good Ability in his profession & has distinguished himself in the Support of the Government w[hich]2 is a Merit not many Gentlemen of the Bar have much Pretensions to at this Place: Opposition to Authority has chiefly arisen from that Quarter.3 I must therefore beg their Lordships Favour that they will be pleased ^to support my recommendations^ on these [and] the like Occasion as I shall therein entirely consult his Majesty’s Service; & at present this Government is so we[a]ried by the late Commotions as to require all possible Ways & Means to restore its Authority.

    I am with great Respect to their Lordships Regard to yourself &c

    Philip Stephens Esqr Secry to^ of^ ye Admiralty

    L, LbC      BP, 6: 193-194.