432 | To Richard Jackson

    Boston Jan: 18 1766

    Dear Sr:

    This is to introduce Captn Miller formally an Officer of mine but now an Ensign in the regular Service.1 He has been employed in my Works of surveying for the Government, & has lately measured a true Geometrical Line from Albany thro Boston & portsmouth to Penobscot Bay being near 400 Miles, a Work of great Consequence to the Geography of this Country. He is now going to England to dispose of his Commission & intends to return & settle in America. I have invited him to St: Croix & have offered him 1000 Acres upon Condition of his settling 20 People & paying a penny an Acre. This is doing 4 Times the Duty: but in regard to general Settlers, I doubt not but that I can engage them to perform 8 times the Duty, that is settle 4 Persons for evry hundred Acres & pay 2d pr Acre. I have made the same Offer to Cockle as to Miller & would have them act together as a Partnership [f]or Sociality greatly encourages such an Undertaking. The Reason of my mentioning this to Cockle is that if his Creditors wont relent, he can do nothing in London; and Nova Scotia by its Laws, affords an Asylum against Creditors. However whatever Cockle does I would have Miller go to St: Croix; his Abilities as a Surveyor will be of great Service as well as his general Activity.

    I had determined not to write to you on the Subject of these Lands ‘till I received the Grant from Halifax, which I expect every Day. However Mr Millers Subject having broke in upon this Intention, I will add a hint that I have a prospect of getting a Colony of 60 Families of Industrious people upon the Terms of octuple Duty; my Proposal for that Purpose being well approved of by the Person I mentioned it to: but there is no certainty in this. I will also now I have opened this Subject, send you a Copy of the Map of the Surveyor of Nova Scotia,2 which I have made for you: the Lands granted are tinged, the Moose Island, & that Marked A are include[d?] But I shall suspend all my general observations till I can send You a Copy of the Grant

    I am Sr &c

    Richard Jackson Esqr:

    L, LbC      BP, 5: 75-76.