456 | To Michael Francklin

    Boston, March 17, 1766.


    In some of my late Letters1 I told you, that I had not for some time past heard anything about the fifth order for 20,000 acres I had expected from England. Since my last Letter to you I have had Notice of this order being still to come from two different Letters: the last of which is from Mr Pownall my Predecessor, in which he writes in the following Words “Mr Jackson tells me that you have a tract of 100 m2 acres, got the Govr of N Scotia to grant the Additional 20 m~ acres to Benja Franklin Esqr3_ he will have the order for it.”4

    But if the Order was now come, I should not sollicit a Grant for it, untill the fate of the Stamp Act is determined. And therefore it is probable I shall receive the order before it is time to pass the Grant; which I desire to do: as I would not do: as I would not press Govr Wilmot so soon after his favour to me, to dispence with the Rules of Office in favour of Another.

    But I should be glad to have the Lot of Land adjoining to our former Granted Tract reserved for this additional Order; & would desire you to get it memoranded in the proper Offices. For which purpose, to prevent mistakes; I inclose a drawing to be communicated to Mr Morris, taken from his drawing, except the turning of the River above the falls, which is added by me from drawings made for me. I have made the East Boundary arise from the same point which Mr Morris used in laying down a Lot upon the same Spot, only I have run the Line due North instead of North by Compass to make it parallel to the Opposite Side. I have left it to Mr Morris to determine the Length of the inland Line: I have heard that there is a great pond within this tract;5 but whether it is large enough to require a special Allowance, I dont know.

    I must again beg your Indulgence for this repetition of Trouble, & am with great Truth & Regard Sr &c

    The Honble Mr Franklin Esqr.

    AL, LbC      BP, 4: 126-127.