438 | To Lord Colvill

    Boston Feb: 1 1766

    My Lord

    I have received your Lordships Letter of Dec 31;1 & have forwarded the Letter inclosed by the post, being the Safest & only ready Conveyance that offered. I have received a Letter from Secy: Conway which directs me to apply to your Lordship for such naval forces as shall be wanted here,2 and adds that Orders are gone to your Lordship for that Purpose. I am so well acquainted with the Scarcity of landforces in America, that I shall not sollicit an Inforcement ‘till it can be afforded in Numbers that may be respectable: A small Force would only serve to confine me to the Castle, without awing the Town, but rather making it Desperate. I shall therefore be glad to wait ‘till we can know with some certainty what is Determined at Westminster.

    I have hitherto kept my post here, contrary to my own & every ones Expectation: & think now I shall still maintain it; as the Faction seems to begin to think of Consequences. Nevertheless I must still desire to be considered an Object of your Lordships care. Captn: Bishop & Captn: Gideon3 show great Readiness to give me all Assistance wanted: if their Orders are not full enough for any extraordinary emergencys, your Lordship will be so good as to strengthen my influence with them, upon Sudden and unforeseen Events, if any such should happen. When the Season comes for your Navy to put to sea, I shall be glad to see one or two more of the Kings Ships in these Seas. probably the Measures taken at home will require a Considerable encrease of the Naval Forces upon this Coast: a little more Time will shew what is to be done.

    I am &c

    Lord Colville

    L, LbC      BP, 4: 105.