502 | To Richard Jackson

    Jamaica Farm ^near^ Boston Sep 14 1766

    Dear Sr:

    I have received your Letters of May 28 June 17 July 1 & July 3.1 The 3 last came to hand first which puzzled me much as no Mention was made of the Sign Manual: but I was releived 4 Days after by the receipt of the first with the Sign Manual; which I immediately carried into Excecution.2 I am much obliged to you for your Care therein.

    A Week before any of yours came to hand I had a Letter from Lord Barrington wherein he mentions yours & Mr Pownalls Opinions concerning my coming over; & in general concludes against it for Reasons I need not now mention. I wrote to him in Answer to his a pretty long Letter, which probably he will communicate to you if things remain in the same Suspence when it arrives.3

    I have just now received another Letter from Lord Barrington by the July Packet which is got here earlier than usual. It is dated July 12 & mentions the great Probability of another Ministry being formed under Mr. Pitt.4 which I find the News Papers speak of in very positive Terms.5 This Event he thinks may alter his Opinion about my coming home; if it does, I am to hear of it by next Packet. so my Suspence is to remain a little longer, tho I have reconciled myself to staying here another Winter, in hopes I may remain in Safety.

    I have no time to answer your letters or any part of them, as this is wrote in the Evening & to go away tomorrow. I can only say of my present State that we are in as great uncertainty as ever. Wicked Men still rule & violent Measures are still pursued. I have been continuing the Assembly by short prorogations in hopes of finding and Opportunity of proposing the Indemnification to them with some prospect of Success: but no such offers; the Difficulties which lie in the Way seem insurmountable. And yet a Majority is for the Sufferers being indemnified; but they cant agree upon the Means & the funds; & never will agree so as to make a Majority of the House for any one Plan of doing the Business.

    In the mean Time the Lt: Govr: is very uneasy: he seems to dread a parliamentary Satisfaction worse than no satisfaction at all.6 He has been very sollicitous with me to call the Assembly at both the last days prorogued from: ^but he is single in this.^7 I have twice taken the Opinion of the Council upon the two prorogations (which I am not obliged to nor dont usually do): & they have both Times unanimously advised against calling the Assembly; for that there was not the least probability of Success. It stands now prorogued to Oct 29:8 I beleive I must call it then Whether it is like to do the business or not that I may not be charged with flinging the business into the hands of the parliament by not giving them an Opportunity of doing it themselves; but I dont expect it will be done here

    I am &c

    R. Jackson Esqr

    P.S The inclosed letter which contains nothing but a personal compliment is consigned to you, as it is expected that the Gentleman will be out of office when it arrives.

    L, LbC      BP, 5: 157-159.