572 | To John Pownall

    Boston. Nov. 2. 1767

    Dr Sr

    I beg leave to introduce to you Mr Rogers a Gentleman of this Town & Nephew of the Lieutenant Governor.1 He is every way deserving your Notice as a Man of Sense & good Nature & a friend to Government and he is particularly intitled to all Civilities which I can procure for him from my Friends.

    The Uncertainty I have been under for some months past, concerning your continuing in the Secretarys Office, of which I advertised you some time ago, has saved you a great deal of trouble of letters from me concerning the public business of this Country. And it has also occasion’d my not prefixing your name to my directions to the Secretary of the board of Trade. This is indeed quite immaterial; but I shall restore your name to future directions, till I am warranted to the contrary. I cant at present enter upon the political business of this province; for there would be no end of it in a letter intended to be very short.

    But I supply this deficiency by exhibiting a Gentleman from whom you may learn a more exact account of this province than I could give you in writing. In his report I trust he will represent me as firm & steady in the exercise of my duty & like to surmount all the difficulties which have been thrown in my way, by the proper use of my legal & constitutional powers.

    I am Sr &c

    J Pownall Esq

    L, LbC      BP, 6: 50, 53 and 54.