564 | From John Pownall

    Plantn: Office Sept. 7. 1767.

    Dear Sir,

    Capt. Spry1 who will have the honour to deliver this letter to you goes over to america to take the command of the Artillery in the Halifax departmt. – he is a friend of our old acquaintance T Thoroton and I beg leave to introduce him to you.

    You will easily imagine that in the Storm of politics that has so long disturbed this Island from your part of the world, my little bark has had it’s share of difficulty & danger, & of consequence I wish’d for a harbour of quiet & safety, L Chathams friend by hand undertook to guide me into one; but the Event that was to have opend the port to me has not yet taken place, & therefore I must be contented to ride it out as well as I can in a lee shore amidst rocks.

    I wish in this Situation it was in my power to hang out any light that might be of use to you; but till I can see better than at present how the land lyes I will not risk the doing more harm than good, & therefore will conclude with my best wishes for your happiness & Welfare

    Your most faithfull & humble Servant

    J Pownall

    ALS, RC      BP, 11: 77-80.