538 | To the Earl of Shelburne

    (No 9)

    Boston, March 2. 1767

    My Lord,

    In obedience to the orders of your Lordships letter No 3,1 I hereby transmit an account of the Establishment of this Government; being a Copy of what I sometime ago transmitted to the Lords of the Treasury.2 I also add a Copy of my observations thereon concerning the inadequateness of the Sums granted, the improper manner of granting them, & the want of other allowances for other Offices for which there is now no provision. To this Copy I add some additional Observations arising from what has passed in this Session in regard to the grants for the last year which have been made therein. These last relate wholly3 to Mr Oliver, who is still made to feel the resentment of his having accepted the Office of Stamp distributor. For that must be supposed to be the true Reason for reducing his Salary at a time when the contingent Emoluments are considerably reduced from what they used to be by other Means.

    In answer to the latter part of your letter relating to the mode of granting Lands in this Government, I have drawn up an Account which contains evry thing which occurs to me concerning that business, which I inclose.

    I am with great Respect, My Lord, Your Lordships most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    The Right Honble The Earl of Shelburne.

    ALS, RC      CO 5/112, ff 39-40.