429 | To Lord Barrington

    Boston Jan 11 1766

    My Lord

    I am desired to certify to your Lordship, that at the beginning of the Year 1764 Genl: Gage at my Request,1 gave Leave to Ensign Francis Miller of the 45[th]2 regiment, then stationed in Newfoundland to come to Boston to assist me in some Works of Public Surveying, which I had undertaken in pursuance of resolutions of the general Assembly & partly by Orders from England.3 Mr Miller being then at an outpost & not easily releived did not arrive at Boston till Novr: in that Year, when the Seazon for actual Surveying was over. He was employed that Winter & Spring following in protracting4 the Surveys made that Summer, among which was a compleat Rout from Fort Pownal on the River penobscot to Quebec, & some other curious explorations of the Eastern parts of New England hitherto unknown to Englishmen: of which, elegant Maps drawn by Mr Miller have been transmitted to the Board of Trade.5 Early in the Last Summer I employed Mr Miller (having previously informed Genl. Gage of the Intention) to make an actual Survey from Boston to Albany & back again by another Way being near 200 Miles; & afterwards from Boston to penobscot being above 200 Miles; by which Means a true Geometrical Line of 400 Miles in length through part of new York & all the habitable part of New-England has been obtained; which will afford great Assistance to the Ascertaining the Geography of this Country & its Sea Coast. After this Survey was finished he was employed in protracting the Same & making Drawings thereof which he has done with great Accuracy & Elegance.6

    Whilst he was engaged in this Business, He received orders to follow his Regiment to Ireland: upon which he wrote to his Colonell7 acquainting him with the Employment he was in & by whose Leave & Order he was engaged in it; & that, as soon as he had finisht, he should join his regiment. He is now embarking for England for that purpose: and, least the Occassion of his Absence should be misunderstood, he has desired that I would acquaint your Lordship of the forementioned particulars. This I do in Justice to him; & can add that he is very deserving, not only on Account of the Works aforesaid, but as a faithful Officer in general, he having been in the Service of this Province in their provincial Troops during the whole Late War; at the End of which he procured his present Commission8

    I am, &c

    The Right Honble: the Lord Viscount Barrington Secretary of War.9

    L, LbC      BP, 5: 72-74.