512 | To Francis Bernard Jr.

    Boston Dec 2. 1766

    Dear Frank

    I have received your letter without a date as usual:1 I have let it lie by me sometime, being unwilling to write to you ‘till the impressions your letter had made upon me had lost their force. I have since considered ^rather^ your Infirmity than my own Dignity and merit. Some of my friends have been taking pains to set you in a good light. I am sorry you counteract their kind endeavours to serve you & me. In my last letter I expressed my apprehension of your want of gratitude: you have now confirmed it.

    I have now for upwards of three years been directing My Sollicitations & wearing out my intrest for your benefit only. All the Merit of my Service, which of late has received uncommon acknowledgements, has been sacrificed to your intrest alone. All the rest of my children, altho’ not one of them has been deficient in duty & respect to me, have been neglected & set by untill your fortune should be made. Surely then you are the last person by whom I should be reproached for my partial kindness to you.

    That you may not think that I have treated this Subject too severely, I herewith inclose your letter; that you may read it at leisure, & consider whether it is a proper return for your obligations to me; which considering the difficulties I have had to struggle with in your business are far from being overvalued. If I have misunderstood you, set me right; if I have not, retrieve your credit with me.

    I cant suppose it is your intention by your refusal to let my family lose entirely this Valuable acquisition; I must think better of it. But then You must as soon as may be, come & take possession of the Office: that is Necessary, tho’ you should afterwards immediately after ^desire to be^ discharged from it. For In such Case I must have time to get it transferred; which perhaps will require as much intrest as the procuring it did. I must therefore desire that immediately upon receipt of this you will inform me of your intention; and that you will prepare to follow your Letter as soon as the Season will permit. I shall write to a Merchant in London (either by this Ship or the next) to provide evry thing necessary for the Voyage; & I shall enclose that Letter to Mr Spicer to whom I shall also write, to assist you in all things which lie in his way. You will most probably hear from me again before you sail: but dont wait for it.

    I am your affecte father

    Mr F. Bernard

    AL, LbC      BP, 4: 100-101.