505 | From the Earl of Shelburne

    (No. 1)

    Whitehall Octr. 11th. 1766


    His Majesty having Thought fit to refer to the Lords of Trade & Plantations,1 the case of the four Indians of the Wappinger & Stockbridge Tribes, who arrived lately in England, Their Lordships have reported their Opinion, that there is foundation for further Examination into the State of the Facts & Proceedings, upon which the Complaints of these Indians are grounded & I have wrote by this Packet to Sir Henry Moore by his Majesty’s Commands recommending to him in the strongest Terms that he will take into His most serious Consideration the case of these distressed People & turn his thoughts to every possible measure that may tend to obtain for them in any Shape a just & speedy Satisfaction.

    They are embarked on Board a Ship bound to Boston & I am to recommend them upon their Arrival there to your Humanity & Assistance Their case seems from the Vouchers produced by them so hard that I cannot doubt but that you will give them every facility that lies in your Power for the obtaining redress if you think them intitled to it & that they can avail themselves of your Countenance & Protection.

    I am with great Truth & Regard Sir Your most Obedient Humble Servant


    Governor Bernard.

    You will perceive that I have mark’d this Letter with Number one. I shall continue to Number all my Letters & shall beg the favour of You to conform to the same Regulation in which I see no possible Evil & think it will be attended with several Conveniences in ascertaining the Receipt of Letters

    LS, RC      BP, 11: 45-48.