528 | To Sir Henry Moore

    Boston Jan 19 1767


    I am favoured with your kind Letter of Dec 29.1 & am much obliged to you for it. I wrote to you on this Subject a Letter dated Dec 18,2 a Copy of which I will enclose with this. I wrote at the same Time upon a Business of public Justice, & sent a duplicate of the same by the next Post.3 I have not yet received any Answer thereto: and as it is a Business that comes more home to your Province than mine I enclose a Triplicate of that Letter. The Criminal who was the Subject of it has since cut his Throat; but he has been saved from Death and is now like to live for Justice.

    In Regard to the Subject of your present Letter I will communicate it to Mr Story & desire him to determine upon the part he proposes to act. He has hitherto, I beleive thought that the Petition he interposed 4 thro me would be sufficient to support his Right; untill the Claims of others in the like Circumstances could be determined. The terms of the Grants from Newhampshire as so much more favourable than those of your Province, that the Grantees can’t be blamed in desiring to hold their Lands under the Former without a ^new^ Grant. I have had Numbers of People of this Province with me praying that I would interpose in their Favour on behalf of these Grants. But I have not as yet had an Application in such a Form as to make it necessary or indeed proper for me to interfere. For my own Intrest I have never thought of going any further than you. At the same Time (I speak it in the Confidence of a Friend) It is my Opinion that these Grants ought to be supported notwithstanding the Transfer of the Country from one province to another. There is, I am told, an application made to the King to pray that he will order these Grants to be confirmed upon their own Terms without requiring New Grants upon the Terms without requiring New Grants upon the Terms of new York.5 I know nothing of this but by Report: probably you know more. It is therefore most probable that Mr Story has been desirous to let his Business be still; untill there shall be a determination in the Case of others. I will however let him know that he must immediately make Application to you. He lives above 30 Miles off, & the Communications in this Country are now difficult.

    For my Part the Circumstances of my Family (which Abounds in Children, among which are 6 Sons two of them of Age) has enclined me to accept of Lands: tho’ in general I have a very bad Opinion of that Method of Enrichment; for it seldom pays ‘till the second or third Generation & sometimes never at [all].6 But I have always found it necessary to provide a Manager for my Interest, whom I could confide in: for my own Attendance to such an Affair could not be expected. In that Light Mr Story stood: & If I am seperated from him, I should be at Sea without a Master or Steersman. And indeed I have much doubted of its being worth the while to accept of the Lands upon the Terms of New Grants & enlarged Quitrents; & should, in my own Judgement have declined. But I have been advised to the Contrary by some Gentlemen who are well acquainted with New York, who say that the Lands must be valued at considerably more that [than] the Expence of taking them up. On the other hand I have been desirous to wait for a Determination at home concerning these Grants; which your Letter inclosing the Minute of Council seemed to favour—. Upon the whole you will not wonder I am so much in Doubt what to do: & I know not now what to ask unless it is this (which seems to me to be too much) that you will be so kind as to engage any person under you, whom you shall think fit to trust, to dispose of my Right (if it may be so called) amounting to 7200 Acres in Bernard Town & 8400 Acres in Stockbridge besides 1600 in Sunderland & 1200 in three other Towns to the best Advantage. A Gentleman of New York told me today that Rights of this Kind sold there at £50 sterlg. pr 1000 Acres. I should be glad to part with mine at less than that. If this Request is improper & impracticable, I should be glad to have Time to engage some one to undertake the Solliciting this Business upon Terms of partnership by which the Trouble and as much of the Expence as may be, may be taken off me. If neither of these things can be done, I should be glad to know if, in the proposal of reserving my Rights in the Town of Bernard, an undivided Share equal to that I had in the former Grant viz 18 Shares reckoned at 400 Acres each is to be reserved to me. In that case I can make my Bargain afterwards with the other Grantees, tho I had rather have done it before. My great difficulty is that I know not what to do without a Confident both to look to the Quality of the Lands to be allotted & the management of them afterwards. This is what I have not in my Power at present to get the Better of.

    Your Friendly Letter has drawn from me all my Thoughts upon this Subject which are committed in Confidence. I dont mean by anything before mentioned to give up any Right or Favour that you shall think Mr Storey deserves[.] I dont know how deep his Interest goes therein, nor can I with him ascertain the Expences we have been at

    I am &c.

    His Excell. Sr Henry Moore bart

    L, LbC      BP, 5: 209-212.