441 | From Lord Barrington

    Cavendish Square Feb: 6. 1766.

    Dear Sir,

    I received your Letters of the 15th. November yesterday.1 The Packett goes out again the day after tomorrow; I am engaged in a great deal of Office business, and the House of Commons sitts on American Affairs continually till two or three in the morning.2 This does not hinder my acknowledging most cordially your remembrance of me; but it prevents my answering your Letters as I ought, or acquainting you with the present state of Affairs here. I hope your other Correspondents are not so busy.

    In my last Letter I acquainted you that Mr Secretary Conway had given me hopes that the Naval office of your Province would be confer’d jointly on Mr. Pemberton and your Son.3 Those expectations have been since confirm’d, & I am not without an Idea that the thing may be actually done before the Packet sails.4 Your Conduct which has obtain’d the highest approbation and most publick and general approbation commendation, has done infinitely more than any friendly efforts of mine. Your Correspondence with the Ministry laid before both Houses of Parliament is universally admired; I wish the Publication of it may not produce any inconveniences in America.5

    Mr. Temple’s representations against you have had no effect, and I shall always be watchful for your Service, both at the Treasury and the Council.6

    I have just had time to look over your most ingenious Letter on the Subject of North America.7 I shall studdy it very closely my self, and will make the proper communications of it.

    I am with my best Comps to Mrs. Bernard & all my Cousins, Dear Sir Your most faithful & obedient Servant


    ALS, RC      BP, 10: 332-335