442 | From John Temple

    Boston 15th. Febry. 1766


    I have had several Applications from the Military Officers of your Government for Reimbursements of the Expences1 they were at in Guarding the Custom House thrô the late troubles2 & when I have referd them to you (deeming it a mere provincial Expence) they have return’d for your Answer that it was a Custom House Affair & that you had nothing to do with it, As it is my Intention to keep up the Honor & Credit of the Customhouses as much as possible even in your Government that they may have a Ready Assistance upon any Special occasion I cannot let such a Tarnish remain as that a Corps of Loyal people should do Duty for the Customhouse as you Term it at an Expence immediately out of their own pocket, which I think (with the common Influence & address a Governor is Supposed to have) might be obtained out of the Province Treasury instead of sending them to me to have it discharg’d out of the King’s Revenue the Crown has already been at considerable Expence on this Occasion in this province. If I have any further Application I shall think it my Duty to represent it home to England __ I am

    Sir Your most Obedient & most Humble Servant

    To Govr Bernard

    L, LbC      Temple Papers, 1762-1768: JT Letterbook, 143-144.