445 | To William Lithgow

    Boston Febry 25, 1766.


    This introduces to you Mr Ibbart & Mr Bros, two french Acadians, who are going by Ordr of the General Court to Quebec with dispatches from me to Genl Murray.1 They are advised to go by way of Kennebec River to the River Chaudiere: & I have consented to it provided they get one or two Indians to accompany them, without which I think it will not be safe. However I recommend them to you to forward them in a proper & safe Manner. They have Mony advanced for their Journey: so what they take of You of Provision[s]2 &c they must pay for, but at the Boston Price. They wont be able to pay the Indians for their Trouble: but you must make that Easy to them. These Indians will probably be thankfully recompensed at Quebec: if not I will get some little Matter for their service. The Acadians will share their provisions with them: but it will be best for them to carry no Rum; you know That it is a sad Stumbling block to Indians. I desire that you would Manage this business in the best Manner you can, so that their Voyage may be made as safe and Comfortable as possible. You must be very careful in your Choice of the Indians, & lay them under strict injunctions for their good Behaviour. You may promise them a present from me, if they do this Business well; at least that I will endeavour to procure them one.

    I am Sr. &c.

    Col Lithgow.3

    AL, LbC      BP, 4: 121-122.