545 | To the Earl of Shelburne


    No 13

    Boston May 4 1767

    My Lord

    I have been much disappointed to find the sailing of a ship, which I depended upon, so continually postponed that I can but now dispatch letters long ago dated. But I have no help for it, as the packet from New York is too uncertain in its motions for us at this distance to make much use of.

    I proposed to close my letters upon the subject of the last Session as soon as the Votes & Acts were printed: but the former have been so Voluminous that the printers have but just finish’t them. I must therefore suspend my observations upon the Acts past untill my next packet: but the Secretary will send a set of the Acts by this Ship & also a Copy of the Votes. Such references to the latter as my Last letter No 11 will require I shall add in the Margin of it.1 And as I have given your Lordship so much trouble upon the disagreable altercations in Our Assembly, I beleive, you will readily excuse my suspending the prosecution of it. However I have some things to add, particularly upon the Lieut Govrs business & then shall conclude as concisely as I can.

    Some well wishers to the Government here flatter themselves that upon the opening of the New Assembly things will take a new Turn. I own I have not great hopes of it; & for my own part I dont expect that the party or their adherents will quit their purposes, untill they receive from home some authoritative disapprobation of their proceedings. I have but one part to act, which is to keep firm to my purpose of defending the Government by the only means I have left, the use of my Negative in the new Election of Councellors. This is a disagreeable difficult & dangerous task: but I have no choice; to decline it now is to give up All. And tho’ I have not had the satisfaction of receiving any testimonial of my ^former^ conduct in this respect being approved, yet I have no reason to think it has been condemned. And therefore I must act upon this occasion as I did upon the former, according to what I truly think to be best for his Majesty’s Service, ^without regard to myself^, an alternative seemingly hard; but what I have been used to for above a year ^and a half^ past. Indeed I have Very little choice: where I have, if I know What conduct will be agreable to your Lordship & his Majestys Ministers, I pursue it; Where I dont know it, I must do the best that I can.

    I am, with great respect, My Lord, your Lordships most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    The right honble The Earl of Shelburne

    dupALS, RC      CO 5/756, ff 69-70.