495 | To Sir Henry Moore

    Boston, Augt 20th, 1766


    In my last letter,1 I mentioned to you that one house in Egremont within our Line had suffered by your People; this belonged to one Smith.2 I have this day recd advices from those parts by Express,3 that on the Night of the 13th Inst. two other Houses in Egremont, one belonging to one Bunt, were attacked & in part Plundered & the Inhabitants evil treated; & that the People in general were very much alarmed, & ready to rise as against a common Enemy. These Heats were at the time of sending away these dispatches a good deal allayed by the Prudence of the Gentleman, who is the chief Magistrate of the County, who sent this Account: but it was apprehended that, if fresh hostilities should be committed, they would break out with more Violence than ever.

    Upon my laying this Account before the Council on this day, they have been greatly alarmed at the danger of a formal Rupture between the borderers of the Provinces breaking out; which in defiance of the Authority of either of the Governments, however supported, must produce infinite Mischief to all within its reach. For this Purpose they have advised me to write again to you, earnestly to desire you immediately to prevent these disturbances spreading into our Government.4 And that this Application may have a more full Effect, & not be attended with any misunderstanding, I am desired to send this letter by some of the most respectable of our Inhabitants, who may have an Opportunity to inform you of the Exigencies of the present Case, & point out the Necessity of an immediate Exertion of your Authority to prevent the bad Causes Consequences which are expected from these Animosities.

    I have appointed for this Purpose, Isl Williams Esqr of the Council, Oliver Partridge Esqr of the Representatives, & Wm Williams Esqr, the first Judge of the County in which these things have happened. These Gentn are directed to attend you at Albany, where it is said you’l be found; & to confer with you on our behalf on the Subject of this & my last letters.5

    I am, with great Truth, &c.

    Sr Hy Moore, Bart.

    AL, LbC      BP, 5: 196-197.