561 | To Richard Jackson

    Jamaica farm Aug 31 1767

    Dear Sr:

    I informed you in my Letter Dated Yesterday1 that the Faction here was endeavouring to raise another disturbance; but that it was generally beleived that they would not be able to Effect it. But it has appeared to day that the Plan has been laid in Concert with the Faction at New York. It is owned here, & professedly declared in the public paper today.2 At present they profess only to put a stop to the importation of English goods. But they ca[n’t?] do that without Violence;3 & therefore there m[ust?] have be an insurrection to Execute the plan they already confess to have in View: if the Gentlemen in this Town have not Spirit enou[gh] to keep it quiet, The Mob will be in possession of it again: For it is at present just as defencible as it was two Years ago; Not a Serjeants Guard of real Soldiers within 200 Miles of it. I shall inclose the Newspapers referred to, marking the peices Numerically. I shall enclose this in the Secretary of States Cover for safety: the papers I shall direct immediately to you. My Letter of Yesterday is already delivered to Capt Jacobson of the Ship Boscawen by whom this will go tomorrow

    I am &c

    R Jackson Esq

    L, LbC      BP, 6: 45-46.