483 | To Grey Cooper

    Boston July 18 1766


    I have received your Letter of May 51 signifying the Commands of the Lords of the Treasury that I should give Orders for returning the Stamp Papers remaining in this Government. I immediately gave Orders to Mr Oliver to take Care of this Business; & he engaged Captn: Bishop of his Majestys Sloop Fortune who is ready to sail for England to take them aboard.2 they are all together at the Castle & will be put on board ^today or^ tomorrow, and Mr Oliver will send an Account of the Parcells to the Commissioners of the Stamp Office.

    I cannot excuse myself upon this Occasion, desiring you to inform their Lordships that throughout the Difficulties which I had to encounter in taking Care of the Stamp Papers, Captain Bishop gave me all the Assistance in his Power, without which I could not have preserved the Papers & as well in this Business as in sev’ral others, wherein the Kings Interest has been concerned, has always exerted himself as a good & faithful Officer.

    I am Sr &c

    Grey Cooper Esqr:3

    L, LbC      BP, 5: 138-138.