510 | To John Pownall

    Boston Nov 17. 1766

    Dear Sr

    By the Ship which carries this I send a letter to the Secretary of State containing a particular Account of the proceedings of this Session so far as it has proceeded on the Compensation.1 By the next Ship I shall send a duplicate of this letter to your board according to the late order of Council.2 In the Mean time I transmit to you Copies of the inclosures contained in the cover to the Secretary of State.

    The Answer of the House affords a strong instance of the Malevolence of Otis & his faction;3 who when they could find nothing in my speech at the opening of this Session to lay hold of, have fetch’d a passage made out of a Speech of mine made above 5 months ago in order to draw from thence an insinuation which they know has no foundation in truth. Since nothing is more notorious here than that the true & only Cause of the Compensations not having been allready made is that it ought to be done by the Town of Boston only from among whom all the Mischiefs arose, in the Opinion of the generality of the people: to get the better of which Opinion is the Occasion of this dilatory & round about work.

    When I have used heretofore to send duplicates of the same letter to the Secretary of state and the board of trade, I have varied the address of the letter & sometimes altered the preamble. But under the Order of Council it seems to me that I should preserve the same address in the duplicate: otherwise strictly speaking it would not be a duplicate.4 I shall also be at a loss to know whether I am to transmit to the Secretary of State my observations on the Acts of Assembly & other Official business in common course. I hope that the instructions I am taught to expect will satisfy all doubts of this kind; & in the mean time Allowance will be made for involuntary Mistakes.

    I am &c

    J Pownall Esqr

    AL, LbC      BP, 5: 165.