570 | To the Earl of Shelburne


    No. 26

    Boston Octr. 15 1767

    My Lord

    I am honoured with your Lordships Letter No 5 inclosing the Act for granting certain Duties &c. I have communicated the same to the Council & with their Advice have ordered it to be reprinted by the Printer of this Government.2 I have also received his Majesty’s New Seal for this Province & have in Council exchanged it for the old one: which latter I have carefully sealed up to be transmitted to your Lordship; which will be done in the Brig Hannah Captn: Jarvis, who is to sail for London next Week.

    I have also the Honour to receive your Lordships Letters No 6 & No 73 the one containing his Majesty’s Order for disallowing the Act to enable Abigail Little &c, the other for disallowing the Act for granting Compensation &c.4 I have communicated both these Orders to the Council, had them register’d & filed in the Secretary’s Office and published in the Massachusests Gazette.5 There will be no occasion for me to require the Assembly to pass another Act for the Compensation: as the Sufferers have received the Amount of their sev’ral Losses; and there is no Danger that the Assembly will call upon them to refund. I fancy they will be very glad to let the Matter rest where it does.

    I have the Pleasure to inform your Lordship that this Town is very quiet; and there is not the least Appearance of its being again disturbed: The Faction seems to have given up all hopes of it. There appears to be such a general Disposition in the Town to acquiesce in what is done at home, that I have great Hopes that it will not be long before this Province recovers its former Reputation.

    I am, with great Respect, My Lord, your Lordships most obed’t and most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    The Right honourable The Earl of Shellburne

    dupLS, RC      CO 5/756, ff 142-143.